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SWC kit package

SWC kit package

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Small: Putty package with 400g Allbäck Linseed oil putty and 750g Dana glue

Large: Putty package with 4kg Allbäck Linseed Putty and 5kg Dana-glue Linseed Putty

After over thirty years with all kinds of putty, we like the Allbäck-Danalim combination best.

Danalim's linseed oil putty is soft and easy to work with. It contains a size of chalk, as well as linseed oil. The shelf life may be short, as the percentage of oil in the putty is not that high.
We have seen the putty crack on its own, as well as release from the wood as it moves over time, especially on windows with darker shades.

Allbäck's linseed oil putty is hard and crumbly in the jar, but when you knead it together it becomes almost runny, as it contains about 20% more linseed oil than Danalim.
It also has 3 different sizes of chalk, which means it can hold more linseed oil, which gives it a longer shelf life. The putty can be perceived as more difficult to work with, as it requires a different technique, as well as a putty knife with a soft blade.

If you knead these together, you get a putty that is easy to work with and lasts longer. Win-win!

We have worked with this mixture for many years, and have seen the development over time, which means that we can now confidently give you this information, and want to offer you this putty package!

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