Vocational course

8-19 April 2024

Vocational course in window renovation 10 weekdays, with a free weekend in between.

The various stages of the window renovation

During two weeks, we work our way through the various stages of the window renovation, everything from customer contact and quote writing to the finished delivered and assembled end result.

The course is mostly practical and our goal is that you should be able to perform the steps, not just watch us do it. You won't have time to train so you get up to professional speed at the moments, as this requires many hours of training, like anything else you want to be good at?.

We will have follow-up meetings where we can address problems you have encountered and can then show and discuss rational and good solutions.

Build sash and renovate

Becoming a skilled window craftsman takes time as there are many work steps and many different materials to master. To think that you will become a full-fledged window craftsman after a few days of information and training is not realistic. As an example, after over 30 years as a window craftsman and over 50,000 renovated window sashes, we are still learning new things, methods, materials and constructions etc.

Window craftsmanship is a very exciting and rewarding profession, we would like to welcome you into our world!

Aspects of window renovation we will cover:

  • Customer meeting / price calculation / quote
  • Assessment of damage to frames/measures
  • Removal of arches from frame
  • Fitting disassembly
  • Glass dismantling, glass handling, glass cutting
  • Color removal
  • Cleaning fittings
  • Wood repairs window frame
  • Cracks and damage, measures
  • Adaptation of arches to frame
  • Measurement and installation of fittings
  • Glazing and puttying with traditional and modern materials
  • Painting
  • Reassembly with readjustment
  • Sealing strips

In order to work as a window craftsman, you need to know different ways to carry out a window renovation in order to be profitable in the work. Within the above example, we will touch on between 3-5 different working methods during each stage. This is so that you can choose the right working method for each window and gain profitability in your work.

It is also important to know the traditional materials that have been used for windows over the years, but also modern variants. Partly because the modern ones may in some cases be better suited under special circumstances, but also so that we know how to deal with these products if they are on windows we have been commissioned to renovate.

During the course, we will have theory sessions where we will briefly deal with typical windows and fittings of different eras, glass, color, k-value, insulating ability, etc. It is of the utmost importance that we learn what is worth taking care of and how we can improve to adapt to modern requirements while keeping our old beautiful windows.

A window craftsman must know windows!

To complete this course in a rewarding way, we estimate that we need 10 days, we have set time from Monday morning to Friday afternoon, the weekend off and Monday-Friday again. We will work intensively and expect long days to catch up as much as possible and prepare you for future assignments.

Window renovation Course:

The course is conducted with 4-6 course participants, during most of the course time we are 2 course leaders (sometimes 3 leaders sometimes 1).

We adapt the course individually so that everyone gets the most out of these weeks, which means that no special prior knowledge is required. There will also be the opportunity to train on your own in the afternoons and evenings for those who wish/can do it?

Location: Gölingstorp Norrgården 1, 51 454 Nittorp

The cost of the course is SEK 50,000 incl. VAT

Registration fee: SEK 3,000 incl. VAT

That fee includes:

  • Teaching
  • Material
  • Loan of tools and machines
  • Simple breakfast, lunch and coffee.

Simple overnight accommodation is available for SEK 300/night.

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