Carpentry course

15-18 January 2024
22-25 January 2024
8-11 July 2024

We will use everything from rikt o planers, to stem drills and different
table cutters.

Material learning and tool knowledge will take place on an ongoing basis, as well as various choices of methods for
joining of both frame and arches.

Profiles and style history will also be discussed during the course of the work.

Hardware assembly is an important part that can be prepared when we mill, or measured out by hand when fitting arches in frames. As time permits, we will also try to fit fittings practically.

The course is held for 4 days, with four participants per course
We drive long days, between approx. 07.00-16.00
Bring your own lunch box, we'll arrange coffee and breakfast.
Overnight accommodation with rooms in the course yard is available to book.

We will manufacture both linked windows and single windows from scratch in our carpentry shop at the course yard in Gölingstorp

Simple overnight accommodation is available for SEK 300/night.

Price: SEK 10,625 incl. VAT.

Registration fee: SEK 1,500 incl. VAT

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