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  • Razor blade scraper

    This razor blade scraper is made by us in our workshop and specially designed to cut away the paint smeared on the glass during all strokes of paint. After the paint dries and it's time to wash the glass, it's easy to cut off the paint with this scraper.

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  • Trillingpaketet

    Vår egna Anstrykare/Moddlare framtagen för att både kunna lägga på färg och för att kunna stryka ut i jämna lager även på breda ytor vilket har varit et önskemål från er. 13mm tjock borst.

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  • Disaster drill

    When you tried to get a screw out of the angle iron, and it came off (catastrophe), or was impossible to get out because someone before slipped so you have to drill the head off to get the fitting off. Then comes the next step, remove the rest of the screw from the wood. This drill goes around the screw so you get it loose, and at the same time a hole that is about 8mm.

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  • The whole family

    One of each linseed oil paint brush at a discounted price

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