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Linseed oil wax 2dl

Linseed oil wax 2dl

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Allbäck linseed oil wax

A wax for maintenance of your windows!

The easiest way to avoid repainting the windows.
When you wash the windows, maybe once a year? Every other year? Or more often/less often?
At the same time, wash off the painted surface with a sponge/cloth.
When everything is clean, open the jar of wax, use a regular kitchen sponge to apply the wax, very little is needed. (NOTE! Use white wax on white windows for best results!)
Rub into all painted surfaces, both wood and putty.
When you're done with the entire window, frame included, wipe off the excess. (don't forget to wet the paper/cloth afterwards!)
If you do this between 1-5 year intervals, it will take a long time until you need to repaint the windows again.
Darker colors wear more = need more frequent intervals
Lighter colors wear less. Feel free to use white pigmented wax for white windows.

ATTENTION! Works only on linseed oil paints.

The wax can be used on many types of surfaces, read more here


  • Waxing your clean wooden floors is a simple, quick and lasting treatment.
  • Clean with a weak mixture of linseed soap and water.
  • Feel free to use a wet vacuum cleaner. Let dry.
  • Apply thinly and wipe off the excess after approx. 15 minutes.
  • Ready immediately without dangerous solvents and chemicals.
  • The wax penetrates into the wood and prevents water penetration.
  • The surface is fully cured within a week or so.
  • ATTENTION! The wax gives different results on different substrates. Test first.
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