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Linseed oil paint Ultramarine blue

Linseed oil paint Ultramarine blue

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NOTE! Only intended as a shading color. Ultramarine has poor coverage on its own.

Binder: Boiled cold-pressed Swedish degummed linseed oil.
Pigment: Ultramarine Blue, Chalk
Desiccant: Manganese siccative
Thinner: If necessary max. 5% linseed oil.
Volume content: 100% - VOC:<5mg/L
Application: Stir well. Work out the color in well-covering layers. About 100 mi.
Coverage: 15 - 20 m² per liter depending on the substrate.
Cleaning: Linseed soap. Rinse in water and let dry.
Drying time: About 24 hours at room temperature and good ventilation.
NCS: S 4550-R70B

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