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100mm Painter/Moddler

100mm Painter/Moddler

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Brush for windowsills, mirrors and other large surfaces.

Our own Painter/Moddler developed to be able to both apply paint and to be able to paint in an even, fine layer. Brush thickness 13mm.

Features of our in-house Painter/Moddler:

  • Hard packed brush with real stiffness for good spreading of paint.
  • The cut of the brush and the split tips of the brush simplify the painting of putty folds and profiled corners.
  • The brush has a unique ability to absorb excess paint in corners.
  • The special construction enables painting upwards without the paint running down the shaft.
  • A well-balanced ergonomic handle with a good grip pattern that allows you to work long passes without hurting your fingers and wrists.

And it is beautiful to look at!

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