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Speedheater Rapid Slim

Speedheater Rapid Slim

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Speedheater IR system Rapid Slim is very effective and flexible for both interior and exterior paint removal. This model is designed with an optimal heating surface for better access in corners. IR heater that allows you to quickly, safely and environmentally friendly loosen and remove paint from most surfaces such as wood, concrete etc. The infrared heat also allows you to remove glue residue, varnish and it has the ability to dissolve both old hard putty and modern rubber-like putty.

Included in the package:

  • 1 Speedheater Rapid Slim
  • 1 boomerang scraper
  • 1 putty scraper
  • 1 putty straightener
  • 1 angle support
  • 1 pc Speedheater Storage Box
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