About us

Pär-Anders and Ann Janette met 1987 at His and Sonja Allbäcks Window Crafts School in Ystad. They began their operations outside Fredrikstad in Norway 1989 when they started Østfold Vindushåndverk. In Sweden, they began their operations in Vindöga HB 1992. So this year we have been working for 30 years with windows in everything from castles to hut.

Fanny, daughter of the family, has trained in furniture joinery and 2013, she started the company F. Allbäcks Fin Carpentry Services and has since then worked with both renovation and production of windows and doors. And staffing in the wood industry. But now I have gone wholeheartedly to working in the family company Scandinavian WindowCraft, you can see her everyday life on Instagram: @fannyscandinavianwindowcraft

Max, the son of the family, completed his education in industrial technology 2016. He is our technician and product developer. His duties include taking care of the website, pictures, IT and development/manufacturing of our special tools.

2018 we joined together all four and started Scandinavian WindowCraft AB where we both work with, hold courses and sell tools, in window work. All you can follow through our Instagram: @scandinavianwindowcraft